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2016 Open Mic 

In 2016 we created our very first event. An open mic targeted towards unity. We had a lot of diverse participants all with their unique message to add. 

Kurdish World Congress

November of 2018, two of our members flew out to Washington D.C. to present their chosen thesis statement at the Kurdish World Congress. The topic was 'Improving the Healthcare System in Kurdistan by utilizing Internal Architecture and Healthcare Administration'. Click the button below to read the thesis! 

Art Galleries 

This year, Bloom For Growth has participated in five art galleries. Two for an art based group in Milwaukee, Fanana Banana and the Chicago Found Exhibit. Both art groups display immigrant and Muslim artists, giving them a chance to show case their talent. Both of their Instagram links are listed below. Check them out and see how you could get involved!

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Fanana Banana 

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Found Exhibit

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