Our Mission

Bloom for Growth is currently located in Milwaukee, WI and that is where most of the general population we assist is. We help refugees and anyone who may be in need of assistance. Our campaign has included things such as clothes drives, fundraisers and various events. We are big on the arts and self expression and that is how we try to reach the humanity in others. Another demographic we continuously help is located in Kirkuk, Iraq. Various funds are sent through out the year for holidays, the winter season and general help. We believe everyone deserves to live a comfortable life 

Our Vision

Our vision is to help as many people as possible. We want to help people get to their full potential.To inspire those of us who were less fortunate to realize they are strong and valuable. Their persistence, their patience, their perseverance.We want to meet people who society looks at as hopeless and helpless and help them become the person society doesn’t give them the chance to be. We want people to bloom life flowers.  That is we chose the name Bloom for Growth. So they bloom to their full potential as beautifully and as gracefully as the flowers we love to watch and admire. Not just refugees,we want us  all to bloom into anything and everything beautiful. We should all aspire to change our lives. To change this life. To change the world. The same way flowers change winter to spring when they bloom and put beauty and hope into the world, we should all live and change everything.