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Paint for Peace

Paint for Peace is a sponsored  upcoming event/project to help the displaced peoples of Rojava. The goal is to raise awareness to what is happening. Since Bloom For Growth is an art based organization, we wanted to take an artistic approach to the situation. We want to paint to show solidarity with the people of Rojava since it is one of the only thing we can do from so far away. All of the proceeds we collect will be sent to the refugee camp Bardarach in Ras Al Ain where over 11,000 people are living right now. The funds will help them with basic necessities especially with the cold winter coming up.

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What is Rojava?


Rojava has been home to around 5 million people who are Kurds, Arab, Assyrian, Turkmen, Yazidis and other groups. Together, this diverse group has built the region showing the world how a multi-ethnic society can coexist far beyond nationalism. Rojava is self governed and promotes gender equality, and a justice system that is inclusive to all minorities. 


On October 9, 2019, after U.S. troops pulled out of the Syrian borders, a Turkish-led invasion began. Many innocent people have been affected including women and children. There is an estimated 180,000 people who have been displaced 75% of whom are women and children. 

“Around 11,000 refugees are now living in Bardarach, which is at capacity,” said Rashid Hussein Rashid, spokesman for the U.N.’s refugee agency (UNHCR) in the Kurdish region of northern Iraq.

Check our Rojava's Charter of their social contract! 

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