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Board Members

Check out our powerful team of women who work hard behind the scenes to make everything possible!!

Nada Alzalloum

Founder and Research Coordinator

Nada Alzalloum  also a Milwaukee artist and strong advocate of social justice. With a BA in Healthcare Administration, a minor in business along with 5+ years of research, community building and nonprofit organization Nada has the experience needed to bridge the gaps in our community.

As a Palestinian immigrant and daughter of refugees her work reflects lots of empathy, personal experiences and a strong need for change.


Amal Azzam

 Director of creative projects

Amal Azzam is a Milwaukee artist, art supporter and civic engagement advocate. With a BA in Design and 4+ years of experience working with nonprofits, Amal has the experience and creative perspective on how art and community can coexist.

As a visibly Muslim woman, a Palestinian American daughter of refugees. Her work aspires to reflect the inner battles of bridging the gaps in between her identity. Her interests include discovering new artists, outdoor activities and binging the latest netflix show.


Marlene Zahran

Social Services Director

Marlene Zahran  is a community organizer, public health advocate, and human rights advocate. With a BS in microbiology and a Masters in Public Health specializing in Community Health and Health Education, Marlene has been working with the community on multiple health education campaigns with local non-profits for over 4+ years. Marlene aims to break down disparities of health for Black and Brown Milwaukee community members through community organizing and interventions programming. As an immigrant to both Palestinian and Jordanian parents, Marlene aims to bring awareness to the disparities and systematic issues refugees and immigrants face in the US.

In her free time Marlene loves to read, do yoga, and travel around the world.

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